Kowloon Cricket Club

SINCE 1904

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KCC Racebox April Schedule APR 2021

Malaysia Promotion APR - MAY 2021

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All Around the World Wine Home Delivery Order Form APR - JUN 2021

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Special Takeaway Set Dinner Apr 2021

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New Breakfast Menu FEB 2021

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Takeaway Special Promotion 25% OFF FEB 2021

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Boundary Cafe Menu Oct 2020

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Boundary Cafe Set Lunch 12 Apr 2021 - 16 Apr 2021

Soup of the Day 是日精選餐湯 ****** 12th April (Monday) OmniPork Mince Stew with Pasta and Vegetable Dices 燴素豬肉配意大利粉 13th April (Tuesday) Chicken Breast Piccata with Herbs Tomato Concasse served with Sauteed Vegetables Ribbon and Fettuccine 意式芝士煎雞胸配炒菜條及寛條麵 14th April (Wednesday) Steamed Sole Roulade Stuffed with Mushroom and Spinach in White Wine Cream Sauce served with Buttered Boiled Continue Reading