Kowloon Cricket Club

SINCE 1904

Guest Information


  • Members and Subscribers may introduce guests into the Club always provided that the same person may not enter the Club more than two times in any thirty day period as a guest.
  • The maximum number of guests that a Member or Subscriber may introduce at any one time is five. The number may be increased or reduced by the General Committee should circumstances so merit.
  • Any person introducing guests must accompany their guests whilst they are on Club premises and ensure that their guests’ behaviour does not annoy other members.
  • Visitors, Junior Subscribers and dependant children may not introduce guests into the Club except that Junior Subscribers and dependant children over the age of 18 may bring one guest at any one time always provided that such guests are over the age of 18 and accompanied by the person bringing them.
  • Guests are not allowed to take part in any sport unless partnered or opposed by the person introducing the guests.
  • Ex-members removed under Articles 68 and 72 are not acceptable as guests.
  • Certain restrictions are applicable to guests when using the club’s facilities. Please refer to individual section Bye-laws.
  • No outside food or beverage may be brought into the Club.
  • Smoking is only allowed in the Robin’s Nest.


  • Member’s must register the Guest’s Car with the reception or car park prior to the arrival of the Guest.
  • Members will be charged $50 for the first 2 Hours and $50 for every hour after.
  • Parking is available all day Monday to Friday and after 7pm on Saturdays Sundays and public holidays.

Mobile Phones

  • Mobile phones must be placed on silent mode, vibrate mode or turned off.
  • Mobile phones may only be used to receive and make calls in outdoor areas of the Club.

Dress Code

  • A respectable standard of dress will be maintained at all times. Sportswear, tracksuits, shorts and flip flops are not acceptable in the restaurant. In the Boundary Cafe dress may be casual within the normal limits of what is acceptable in a Boundary Cafe atmosphere. Sportswear prior to participating in a sport is acceptable but participants of active sports subsequent to playing will be expected to shower and change before entering the Boundary Cafe. Exceptions may be made to accommodate players participating in official matches at the Club providing there is no risk of damage to the furnishings. The General Manager, Food & Beverage Manager and the Head Waiter have the right to exclude anyone not suitably dressed.
  • Standard Regulations for all F&B indoor outlets
    (i) Members are requested to ensure that their families and their guests are aware of and respect the dress code policy.
    (ii) Appropriate footwear is to be worn in all indoor F&B outlets
    (iii) Persons who have participated in sports must shower and change before entering F&B outlets
    (iv) The use of towels in F&B outlets is not permitted.
    (v) Gentlemen may not wear sleeveless shirts or vest in F&B outlets.
    (vi) Swimming costumes will not be admitted.
    (vii) The wearing of Caps/Hats is not permitted in any indoor F&B outlets except the Boundary Cafe unless prior approval has been obtained from the General Manager or his delegate. Approved Jan 2012 GC Meeting
  • Dress Code for Grill Room
    A conservative standard of dress is required at all times.
    For Gentlemen-., Trousers , shirts with collar, (Dress shorts and denim/jeans are allowed during lunch service)
    Ladies- to dress as appropriately for fine dining.
    For Ladies and Gentlemen: The following are not permitted: denim/jeans, shorts, shoes for sport activities, flip-flop.
    Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the Restaurant.