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Members’ Code of Conduct

Dear Members,

Personal conduct issues have recently become more noticeable within the club, whether between members or between members and club staff. To address this, the General Committee has now approved, as part of the club’s Bye-Laws, a members’ Code of Conduct which, if not observed, may lead to disciplinary proceedings. The Code requires a standard of conduct to be maintained at all times on club premises which is “reasonable”, having regard to various factors set out in the Code.

Under the Code, members are responsible for ensuring that their own conduct on club premises and also that of their children, guests, employees and visitors meets that required standard. It is important to note that members may face disciplinary action not only for their own failure to do so, but also for the failure to do so of those for whom they are held responsible under the Code.

The Code also contains specific conduct requirements which members and those for whom they are responsible must observe when dealing with club management and staff. Failure to observe these requirements may also render members liable to disciplinary action.

Members are strongly urged to read and comply with the Code’s provisions.

Click here to download a copy of the Members’ Code of Conduct

John Luff

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