Kowloon Cricket Club

SINCE 1904


The rights and obligations of all Club members are stipulated in the Articles of Association of the Club and must be adhered to at all times. Additional Bye-laws specific to Sporting Subscribers & Junior Subscribers also apply.

The various membership categories and respective monthly subscriptions, voting rights and entrance fees are shown in the following table (effective 1 Jan 2023):

Membership Type Monthly Subscription Voting Rights Entrance Fees
Life Member - 5 -
Honorary Member (HM) - Nil -
Special Voting Member (SV) HK$1,650 5 -
Ordinary Voting Member (OV) HK$1,650 1 HK$350,000
Sporting Subscriber (SS) HK$1,650 Nil HK$25,000
Junior Subscriber (JS) Aged 23-27 HK$400 Nil HK$500
Junior Subscriber (JS) Aged 13-22 HK$100 Nil HK$250
*Term Subscriber (TS) HK$1,650 Nil -
Corporate Nominee Member (NM) HK$1,650 1 -

* Acceptance of application is being suspended until further notice


Membership Statistics

Membership Type No. of Members as of 31.07.2021 No. of Members as of 31.07.2022
Life Members 17 17
Honorary Members 17 16
Corporate Members 333 333
Special Voting Members &
Ordinary Voting Members
1,700 1,807
Sporting Subscribers 63 56
Junior Subscribers 170 162
Term Subscribers 0 0
Total 2,300 2,391


Joining the Club
Membership of the Kowloon Cricket Club is indeed a privilege and is much sought after.Avenues open for joining the Club include the following:

Persons who wish to apply for Club membership under one of the above options, must complete an Application for Membership Form, as stipulated in the Articles of Association. Forms may be obtained from the KCC office. For further enquiries please contact the Membership Department at membership@kcc.org.hk.

Corporate Membership
Information about Corporate Membership is currently being updated and will be posted here shortly.

Car Park
Members wishing to park their cars in the car park must first apply for a car Park Label. Regulations pertaining to the use of the car park are contained in the Club’s bye-laws. Members may apply for and purchase car park labels from the KCC Office.

Car Park fees:
Social Car Label (1st and 2nd car) HK$4,000 per year
Business Car Label HK$5,000 per month

Visitors and Guest
Temporary visitors to Hong Kong may apply to use the Club facilities under specific circumstances. Members may also introduce guests to the Club.

Absent Membership
Upon payment of an Absent Members’ Fee, Special Voting Members and Ordinary Voting Members who are leaving Hong Kong for a period of three months or more, may apply for an Absent Membership Certificate. This enables a member to suspend their monthly subscription payments, whilst retaining membership of the club.Instructions on how to apply for Absent Membership are contained within the Articles of Association. Absent Members’ Fees are set as follows:

  • OVSV, LS : HK$1,650 (current subscription fee) x 3 months = HK$4,950

Upon returning to Hong Kong, the member may apply for readmission to the Club.

Subscription Scheme

Enrolment requirements
The Junior Subscribership (JS) scheme commences at age 13 for those youngsters who show that they are talented players in one or more of the sport(s) played at the Club. The JS programme carries through to 28 years of age. A JS must represent the Club on a regular basis and fulfill the requirements of the sport(s) in which they participate.

At age 28 at the conclusion of the JS programme they may then apply to transfer to the Sporting Subscribership (SS) program which currently costs HK$25,000. The SS is required to pay HK$10,000 as the first portion of the entrance fee, followed by HK$7,500 within six months, and HK$7,500 at the conclusion of the first year. The SS program is a three year programme and each candidate must sign an undertaking which includes but not limits the participant to:

  • A sporting commitment to the Kowloon Cricket Club
  • Participation in social activities of the Club
  • Personal utilization of the F&B facilities of the Club
  • Payment of accounts by auto-pay

At the conclusion of the three year program they may transfer to become an Ordinary Voting Member (OVM) providing the above undertaking has been fully adhered to. There is no additional cost to become an OVM.

Applicants must have endorsement from the relevant convener in charge of the respective sport that the applicant would like to play. The applicant will be invited to interview by an interview panel of the General Committee and be balloted on in the next meeting of the General Committee. The successful candidate will be informed of the outcome and a membership card issued.

Amount of entrance and monthly membership fee payable
Junior Subscribers:
Aged 13-22 – Entrance fee: $250 per person
                       Monthly fee: $100 per month
Aged 23-27 – Entrance fee: $500 per person
                       Monthly fee: $400 per month

Sporting Subscribers:
Entrance fee: $25,000 per person
Monthly fee: $1,650 per month

Application procedures 
Obtain a Membership Application Form, complete and submit the duly signed application form to Membership Department. This application form needs to be authorized and signed by the respective Sporting Section Convenor.

General rules/ conditions that the members need to follow 

Contact information
For enquiry, please contact Ms Gloria Lai, Membership Manager
By fax: 2311 1432
By email: membership@kcc.org.hk
By phone: 3473 7121