Kowloon Cricket Club

SINCE 1904

Opening Facilities / 開放設施

Facilities Open to Outside Bodies
The Kowloon Cricket Club is committed to promoting the development of sports within Hong Kong and to providing greater access to the club’s facilities by the following approved Outside Bodies:-

For booking and enquiries, kindly contact:

By phone: 3473 7175
By fax: 2311 1432
By email: facility.booking@kcc.org.hk

Facility Booking Form – Outside Bodies
Facility Booking Form – National Sports Association (NSA) Events
Facility Booking Request Form – International Events



九龍木球會是致力於促進香港的體育發展, 並提供更多設施給合資格團體

任何一所學校在教育條例中的 s.3(1) 條例 (Cap 279); 及其他條例和修訂中的法例内


電話:3473 7175
傳真:2311 1432

設施預訂表 – 合資格團體
設施預訂表 -國際體育協會(NSA)活動
設施預訂申請表 – 國際活動


Junior Membership Scheme

Enrolment requirements

The Junior Subscribership (JS) scheme commences at age 13 for those youngsters who show that they are talented players in one or more of the sport(s) played at the Club. The JS programme carries through to 28 years of age. A JS must represent the Club on a regular basis and fulfill the requirements of the sport(s) in which they participate.

At age 28 at the conclusion of the JS programme they may then apply to transfer to the Sporting Subscribership (SS) program which currently costs HK$25,000. The SS is required to pay HK$10,000 as the first portion of the entrance fee, followed by HK$7,500 within six months, and HK$7,500 at the conclusion of the first year. The SS program is a three year programme and each candidate must sign an undertaking which includes but not limits the participant to:

• A sporting commitment to the Kowloon Cricket Club
• Participation in social activities of the Club
• Personal utilization of the F&B facilities of the Club
• Payment of accounts by auto-pay

At the conclusion of the three year program they may transfer to become an Ordinary Voting Member (OVM) providing the above undertaking has been fully adhered to. There is no additional cost to become an OVM.

Applicants must have endorsement from the relevant convener in charge of the respective sport that the applicant would like to play. The applicant will be invited to interview by an interview panel of the General Committee and be balloted on in the next meeting of the General Committee. The successful candidate will be informed of the outcome and a membership card issued.

Amount of entrance and monthly membership fee payable
Junior Subscribers:
Entrance fee: $100 per person
Monthly fee: $100 per month (aged 13-22) / $400 per month (aged 23-27)

Sporting Subscribers:
Entrance fee: $25,000 per person
Monthly fee: $1,650 per month

Application procedures
Obtain a Membership Application Form, complete and submit the duly signed application form to Membership Department. This application form needs to be authorized and signed by the respective Sporting Section Convenor.

General rules/ conditions that the members need to follow
Junior members must abide by the Club’s Memorandum and Articles of Association and Bye-law of the Club

Contact information
For enquiry, please contact Membership Department
By fax: 2311 1432
By email: membership@kcc.org.hk
By phone: 3473 7144




初級球員計劃是從13歲開始, 给那些能證明他們有天賦的球員,在於一個或多個會內的運動. 初級球員計劃進行至28歲。一個初級球員必須定期地代表本會及乎合所參與運動的要求。
當這初級球員計劃在28歲結束時,他們可以再申請轉入高級球員計劃 , 以目前的價格是港幣 $25,000。該高級球員需要付港幣 $ 10,000 作為入會費的第一部分,其後在六個月內再付港幣 $7,500,及在年尾再付港幣 $ 7,500。這高級球員計劃為期三年,以每名候選人必須簽署一份承諾書,其中包括但不限制要參與者:




入會費:每人港幣 $100
月費:每月港幣 $100 (13-22歲) / 每月港幣 $400 (23-27歲)

入會費:每人港幣 $25,000
月費:每月港幣 $1,650


初級球員必須遵守本會的備忘錄及章程, 和附例.
傳真:2311 1432
電話:3473 7144