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KCC GS 2016 Events (Provisional)


Monday 11th January 2016             

Long Island GC - Stableford League Game 1


Wednesday 17th February 2016     

Pheonix Hills GC – Stableford League Game 2


Monday 14th March 2016                

Tycoon GC – Stableford League Game 3


Wed 20th/Thur 21st April 2016      

Shunde GC 2days – Stableford League Game 4 (20th Apr)


Friday 13th May 2016                       

Firestone GC – Stableford League Game 5


Saturday 18th June 2016                  

Kau Sai Chau GC – Stableford League Game 6


Saturday 16th July 2016                   

Nan Sha Mountain – Stableford League Game 7


Saturday 20th August 2016              

Kau Sai Chau GC – Stableford League Game 8


Wednesday 14th September 2016    

Wind Valley GC – Stableford League Game 9


Friday 7th October 2016                   

Harbour Plaza GC - Stableford League Game 10


Annual Championships will be held on this date. Scores to be counted towards league as well.


Wednesday 2nd November 2016      

Xili GC – Stableford League Game 11


Wednesday 7th December 2016       

Yinli GC - Social Event  


This year we will have 11 designated Stableford League Events with the best 5 results to count in the League Competition.

In the event of a tie the player with the best 6th result will win; if there is still a tie the player with the best 7th points result will win. If there is still a tie even after the 11th result has been taken into account, the player with the lowest  handicap will win.

 NB. The AGM and Annual Dinner will be held @ KCC after the final League Event @ Xili Golf club on Wednesday 2nd November 2016 (Details to be sent later)

 NB. The Annual Championships are being held in October instead of November.

*Disclaimer: Dates & Venues are Subject to change with a 3-4 Weeks prior notice

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