Kowloon Cricket Club

SINCE 1904

Lawn Bowls

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Continuing on its path to glory

At the turn of the last century, the game of lawn bowls was unknown in the Far East, until a number of enthusiastic Scotsmen, residents in Kowloon, put their heads together and secured a very desirable site in Kimberley Road, described at the time as "a sequestered corner nicely shaded by palms and other tropical trees." As a result in 1900, the Kowloon Bowling Green Club (KBGC) was formed. However, the increasing value of land, even in those early days, necessitated their removal to their present site next to the KCC, which was originally a swamp. Two more clubs were soon formed in 1904 and, apart from playing cricket, were also involved in lawn bowls. These were the Civil Service and Police Recreation Clubs.

Lawn Bowls Committee