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SINCE 1904

Table Tennis

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Promoting Table Tennis to a new generation

Table Tennis was started about 4 years ago with only 3 participants. Slowly and surely it built up and only last year we became a society. We now have +5 tables, a Ping Pong machine, coaching twice a week,  all the accessories required and a great sub-committee. Including the kids we have about 85 players.

Our main aim is to promote and encourage the children of our members. There are already over 12 of them who have proven themselves in their schools and in our society. So far we have played quite a few games against other clubs and associations.

Recently we were accepted to Hong Kong Table Tennis Association. 15 players were selected to represent KCC. League games start in early October.

We welcome interested youngsters to join and make our table tennis society a unique and successful section in the near future.

Kishu Lalchandani/Martin Labrum

Table Tennis Committee