Kowloon Cricket Club

SINCE 1904

Tenpin Bowling

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As popular and enjoyable as ever

In the Sixties, tenpin bowling had become very popular in Hong Kong with numerous bowling alleys established all over the Territory.

With many members participating in external leagues, the KCC decided in the late Sixties that the sport should be available at the Club. In July 1970, a four-lane bowling alley was opened in the area under the Coffee Shop, using refurbished second hand pin-setting equipment from AMF. The bowling alley was quickly established as an extremely popular venue for members and their families and was packed most evenings.

The enthusiasm for tenpin bowling soon lead to the establishment of competitive leagues and for years now, both younger and older members of the Club have let their hair down and scattered the pins in friendly, competitive league games.

There were, and still are, some excellent and very proficient players at KCC, and the adoption of the handicap system in the leagues allows bowlers of different skill levels to be competitive. Over the years KCC bowlers have competed in local and regional competitions and tournaments with the occasional jaunts overseas to bowl in such places as the Philippines, Bangkok and Singapore.

Today with high-tech lighting and colourful equipment, the KCC's bowling alley is as popular as ever with three weekday leagues and an evening mixed league, besides the casual use by members of all ages.

Ten Pin Bowling Committee