Kowloon Cricket Club

SINCE 1904

Events & Promotions

Tennis Summer Camp 2021 Jul - Aug 2021

Wimbledon Fun Day on Sunday, 6th June 2021 6 JUN 2021

KCC Racebox May Schedule MAY 2021

Boundary Cafe Set Lunch 10 May 2021 - 14 May 2021

Soup of the Day 是日精選餐湯 ****** 10th May (Monday) Aloo Gobi Masala with Butter Long-grain Rice 馬沙拿咖喱薯仔椰菜花配牛油長米飯 11th May (Tuesday) Chicken Bella with Spinach Pasta 磨菇汁雞胸配菠菜意大利粉 12th May (Wednesday) Grilled Sole Fillet with Sweetcorn Cream Sauce served with Steamed Rice and Vegetables 粟米忌廉汁扒魚柳配白飯及時蔬 13th May (Thursday) Minute Steak with Teriyaki Sauce served with Steamed Rice and Grilled Continue Reading

Takeaway Special Promotion 25% OFF APR 2021

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Malaysia Promotion APR - MAY 2021

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All Around the World Wine Home Delivery Order Form APR - JUN 2021

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Boundary Cafe Menu May 2021

May 2021 The Boundary Cafe Menu

New Breakfast Menu FEB 2021

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